Tulsa Part 3: VBS, Youth/College, and Juggling Life

I went to Tulsa, OK for the third straight year last week, and though this time I at least did not go to Brooklyn and Tulsa in back-to-back weeks like I did two years ago (there was one week in between), the fact that it was the second trip made me pretty tired.  Throw in the fact that stuff happened at home that I needed to deal with, and I found myself often worn out even though the schedule was less packed than the one in New York.  Nonetheless, it was still a blessing to go again, and I’m always impressed by the hospitality of the host church, Tulsa Chinese Christian Church.  It was good time of trying to teach kids basic Bible truths while teaching heftier matters to the youth and college students.

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Brooklyn Part III: The Sequels Keep Getting Better

In the summer of 2015, I went to a predominately Chinese area in Brooklyn, NY to help out at a VBS-like summer program called Summer Splash put on by Dorcas Ministries (which I wrote about here).  Last April, I went back to the same place in Brooklyn, though the reason for that was to put on a “retreat” for the youth and college students (which I also wrote about).  Last week, I went back again to do a bit of both: We had some more teaching sessions for the youth and college kids on Monday and Tuesday (July 4) but also did Summer Splash from Wednesday to Friday.  It was a lot of work, but God had even more blessings in store for me and my team.

There is a lot I could write about, but I will attempt to be brief so that this is not unreasonably long.

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