Tulsa: A little late, but I’ll write about it

Like last year, I went to Tulsa, OK to help out at a church’s VBS, teach their youth and college, and train up members of the team that went.  Also, like last year, I am morally obligated as a Longhorn to make jokes about Oklahoma:

“Why did Oklahoma raise the drinking age to 25?  To keep alcohol out of their high schools.”

“How do Oklahoman brain cells die?  Alone.”

“Why do Oklahomans have a hard time dialing 911?  They can’t find the number 11 on phone.”

Now that I have fulfilled my obligation, I can say this: Tulsa was another great experience, even though I was very tired, because the people there were great, hospitable, and encouraging :).

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Insecure Church Girl Fishes for Compliments by Asking About Modesty

PARIS, TX–Daisy Michaelson, a 25 year old member of Elmcreek Baptist Church, has sought to boost her low self-esteem by disguising her attempts to receive affirmations that she is beautiful as intellectual discussions about modesty.  Endlessly insecure, Daisy has figured out that a good way to brag about her looks and receive compliments is to ask questions about modesty, share horror stories of boys hitting on her, and innocently ask how she can avoid leading guys on.

“At church, we are taught not to boast, and we are also taught that physical beauty should not be emphasized because it is fleeting,” Daisy mused.  “But I still want to hear that I’m cute because, deep down, I’m scared that I’m not.  I’ve found that if I force discussions on modesty, I can get others to tell me that I’m gorgeous.”

Daisy’s conversations and social media posts confirm this strategy.  Late last week, Daisy posted on Facebook:

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Is Trump the Moral Choice? Responding to Wayne Grudem

For many people, this election season is about as distasteful as it can get.  Even for a guy like me who dislikes politicians in general, this upcoming election is particularly bad.  On the one hand, the Democratic party continues to drift in a direction that seems unacceptable for Christians, but on the other, Donald Trump basically completed a hostile takeover of the Republican Party because that party was so disorganized and disappointing.  After the circus shows of the national conventions, we officially have our candidates for America’s two major parties, and for many people, it feels like choosing between drowning in a lake or in a swimming pool.

I’ve already written before about Trump’s puzzling popularity.  Now, more and more evangelicals are talking themselves into supporting Trump, including revered systematic theologian Wayne Grudem.  Grudem is well-respected as a theologian and as a man, and the respect is earned; even though I would disagree with him extensively on Reformed theology, I don’t question his intellect or his heart.  However, in his article saying that voting for Donald Trump is a morally good (or at least, morally better) choice, I think he overstates his case in many respects.

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