Stories indeed: An Unexpected Encounter That Stretched My Apologist and Pastoral Sides

In my last post, I mentioned my friend’s blog, Letters and Stories, and wrote a joke post showing why I’d be bad at writing stuff like that.  It was loosely based on a real encounter (I was a lot more engaging in real life, I promise), and it more or less made fun of my own introverted tendencies.  Haha!  Isak avoids other people, especially ones that talk his ear off out of nowhere.

Little did I know that, not long after that post, God would bring a meeting that would fit pretty well within that website.  It was one of the more interesting evangelistic encounters I’ve had, stretching my mind as a student and, more importantly, my heart as a minister.

How I ended up at Barnes and Noble

Every other Thursday, our church offers a young adult men’s small group.  I was already nearby several hours earlier, so I debated whether I should stick around and go to this group or just go home.  I was busy: I need to finish reading a book and write a short review on it, among other ministry and school things.  In addition, I am, as stated above, a natural introvert, and we just had a college event last night.  I like our college students as well as the men of the small group, but let’s just say that I would have enjoyed being alone tonight.  I almost went home, but I felt the Spirit tugging at me to go to small group.  “Fine…”  I looked up a nearby Chick Fil A that I could chill at and went there… and realized that it was inside a mall.  I didn’t want to walk into the mall, but in the midst of turning around, I saw a Barnes and Noble and decided to read there until it was time to go to small group.

I walked into the B&N, set up my laptop, and started to read.  I only got through a few pages before an older gentlemen stopped me and asked me what I was reading.  I told him that it was a book on religious epistemology, particularly Christian.  Upon hearing that, he asked if he could sit down and talk to me about Jesus.  I gestured for him to sit across from me, and so began a much longer night than I envisioned.

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A Chatty Man and His Dog Through the Eyes of a Major Introvert

A couple of people I know have started a blog where they tell stories about people they encounter.  The website looks slick and they are both fine writers, and it is worth checking out.  However, I jokingly said to one that I would not be a good contributor to such a project because I am… uh, different.  She said she’d still like for me to write an article for the site, so allow me to demonstrate why this would be a bad idea and that they are better off without me ;).  Behold, my experiences with these beings called “people.”


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Review of Starcraft: Legacy of the Void

Back in November, the long-awaited Legacy of the Void finally arrived, the final installment of Starcraft 2.  Starcraft 2 came out late in 2010, so it has been a good five years since Wings of Liberty.  In many ways, it’s rather late; SC2 is kind of old news now and did not grab the immense popularity of its predecessor.  At the same time, LotV unsurprisingly sold well and breathed some new life into the Starcraft community and the RTS genre in general.  I got the game in December and I’ll jot down some thoughts on it.  Gone are the days where I play online, so in that regard, I have nothing to say.  I will exclusively talk about the singleplayer campaign and the storyline, though I hope to play some of the co-op missions at some point with a friend.  Note: I have beaten the entire campaign on Brutal difficulty and have gotten every single achievement save a couple of them on the last mission of the Epilogue campaign.  I’ll get to it soon.

Anyway, first I’ll talk about the story before I talk about the gameplay.  Warning: Spoilers.

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