John Oliver and Prosperity Preachers: How Progressives Are Naive About Involving the Government

I just recently watched the much-viewed video of John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, eviscerating prosperity preachers for their greed and absurd tactics.  I knew the video existed before but decided not to watch it because I thought that hearing more garbage from these preachers would just annoy me.  When I got around to watching it, they did indeed annoy me, but I also found the video to be hilarious; Oliver certainly was clever in showing how silly and exploitative these men and women are.  Here is the video:

Of course, his criticisms of these prosperity churches are not new, as true Christian churches have long rejected these preachers as legitimate teachers.  While Christian criticism of these churches are less funny, they have been more substantive than what Oliver offered because they get into how and why the underlining theology is wrong.  Thus, other than his amusing mail correspondence with one prosperity organization, I didn’t exactly learn anything from Oliver here, though I appreciate the laughs.

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