Jason Derulo’s “Marry Me:” Song for the Deadbeat

I’ve pointed out before that girls will strangely tolerate songs that demean them as long as the lyrics are accompanied by a cool tune or beat.  Jason Derulo’s “Marry Me” isn’t a demeaning song, but while it is catchy, the lyrics, if you listen to them carefully, are… curious.  Girls swoon over the pleasant sounding tune, his high-pitched voice, his dance moves, and the apparently sweet lyrics (quite ironically opposed to his “Talk Dirty to Me,” but we will pass that by for now).  However, when I first heard it, I could see right through everything to the real purpose of the song.  I have illustrated it for everyone.

First, the song itself:

Now what it means (click to enlarge):

Marry Me, a Deadbeat Loser

A useful song… for certain types of dudes on certain types (i.e. dumb) girls.  You are welcome :).


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