Manny Diaz out, a revision of predictions

I should create another sports blog again, but in the meantime, I’ll use this space.

So Manny Diaz got fired yesterday (or rather, “reassigned”), the first time Mack Brown has ever ousted a coordinator during the season.  And it had to happen.  The defense last Saturday was so bad that it would even be unbelievable for an FCS team, much less than University of Texas.  I don’t hate Diaz or anything and I actually think he’s smart.  However, being smart with X’s and O’s is not the same thing as coaching, and it seemed pretty clear that he was very deficient in teaching his players how to play fundamentally and within his system, nor did he inspire the other position coaches to work towards one cohesive goal.  Ex-Longhorn Keenan Robinson defended Diaz on Twitter, stating how the 2011 defense was pretty dang good.  And it was, with guys like Robinson, Emmanuel Acho, Blake Gideon, and other smart players who knew where to be.  The system can work.  But Diaz apparently stunk at developing players to run it, so now he’s out.

In his place comes Greg Robinson, who did at decent job at Texas in 2004 and has NFL experience.  He also had a terrible head coaching stint at Syracuse and an equally bad time as the DC at Michigan under Rich Rodriguez, and he’s a bit old and probably unfamiliar with the fast-changing offensive landscape of the Big 12.  So… that’s not great.  However, if he just teaches basic fundamentals and gap integrity, that itself will bring in some improvement.

But the main problem remains, and that’s Mack.  Diaz did a bad job, but this culture of softness, arrogance, and entitlement comes from Mack.  Throwing Diaz out might make the boat sink slower, but the deadweight still on it is still taking it under regardless.

In any case, I went through the schedule on Facebook before the season started and predicted 10-2, with possible losses to TCU and Baylor.  Ha ha ha ha!  After seeing our team exposed as frauds once again, I’ll revise that here, starting with Ole Miss:

Ole Miss:  I thought before we’d win this game, but they have a mobile QB, young talent, and competent coaching.  They come to Austin, but they’ll be wanting to thrash us after the whipping we put on them last season.  Great.  L

Kansas State:  Lacking talent, but tough and well-coached.  We are not.  Is this really the Texas team that can break the spell of the Purple Wizard?  Probably not.  L

@Iowa State:  Won’t be as easy as it looks, perhaps, but I think we still win.  W

Oklahoma:  Oh boy.  L

@TCU:  Eesh.  L

Kansas:  Still worse than we are, thankfully.  W

@West Virginia:  They’re not supposed to be that good, but we aren’t great either.  I’ll say we eke this one out.  W

Oklahoma State:  Sigh.  L

Texas Tech:  Well, at least we’re a lot better at defending the pass than the run.  And it’s in Austin.  W

@Baylor:  If we don’t improve significantly to this point, Briles will be looking to drop 60 on us.  L

Counting our win against NMST, that’s 5-7, folks.  Maybe I’m being unnecessarily pessimistic, but blame Mack Brown and his staff for that.  Prove me wrong and make a bowl game, Horns.


3 thoughts on “Manny Diaz out, a revision of predictions

  1. I agree with ISU, that game won’t be easy and we could lose. Agree with Kansas and WVU. Don’t think we’ll beat Tech, though it’ll help it’s not in Lubbock. I’m sticking to my post-BYU prediction of 3-9.

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