I’m done: Time to go, Mack

I normally write about sports in an old Xanga blog, but since Xanga got an overhaul, I’ll write this here.

I’m a big believer in patience and thinking without too much emotion.  I think it’s important not to knee-jerk react to individual games, and I like giving people chances to prove themselves.  Even after the terrible 2010 season and two straight thrashings at the hands of OU, I tried to hold on to some optimism for Mack despite serious misgivings.  I had this feeling that he was fighting a losing battle, but I still wanted to hope that he had at least one last great season in him.  After all, he had done so much to resurrect the program, I felt that he deserved a chance to try to rebound and go out on his own terms.

No more.  I don’t want Mack Brown to be our coach anymore.  And I certainly don’t want any part of Manny Diaz coaching our defense.  I’m not mad, nor was I mad during the game.  I was just resigned.  This is it.  It will not get significantly better as long as Mack Brown remains our coach.  I wish him no ill-will, but it’s time to move on.  If Bellmont refuses to, they merely expose themselves lazy administrators afraid of change.

I’m not going to break down this game by units as I often do.  There’s not much to say.  All of the bad habits of last year’s defense showed up.  We can’t play assignment football and act like the QB running the football is some sort of new innovation in the game.  Taysom Hill ran over 250 yards on us and the Cougars piled up about five hundred yards rushing.  Let that sink in.  That’s an unfathomable number.  I can’t even wrap my mind around that.  The defense has no cohesion or discipline.  They leave gaps wide open, lose leverage repeatedly, and due to those things they whiff on multiple tackles.  It’s just bad coaching.  There’s no other way around it.

Offensively we weren’t very good either, but at least BYU has a good defense.  Their offense was not supposed to be this good; in fact, it struggled mightily against VIRGINIA last week.  And we just made Hill look like the second coming of Vince Young, mostly because he got to skip through wide open pastures.  Oh, and while he’s a good athlete, he wears a knee brace because he recovered from an ACL tear.  Chew on that.

This was a total team failure.  No excuses.  BYU handed it to us.  We gave them new life with a horrendously stupid decision to try to block a punt that resulted in a penalty, and BYU proceeded to ram the football down our throats.  Nothing fancy, either; read-option stuff that has been around college football for years and years now (even though it’s new for the close-minded NFL) or QB scrambles.  Bronco Mendenhall noticed how badly our defense screwed up their assignments and mercilessly picked on that.  And that’s smart.

Our offense?  Major decided to be cute and start Daje Johnson at tailback, running the small guy inside and getting him hurt our first series.  He kept trying to run inside when we had nothing going, ignoring the large cushions BYU was consistently giving our receivers.  And he called some curious plays in certain situations, like a QB draw on 2nd and long when we’re down late.  This was not a good day for Major either, but luckily for him, Diaz’s unit was so horrific that that will overshadow everything.

This season is done.  No Big 12 title.  We will most likely lose to OU.  This is not a good football team, no matter how many good athletes it has.  I’ll be more than happy if they prove me wrong, but I just don’t see it.  We’ll win a few games, make it to a bowl game, and nobody’s going to be happy.

Mack, please just resign.  It’s time.  No more of this.


2 thoughts on “I’m done: Time to go, Mack

  1. Looking at the rest of the Big XII, I’m not sure we will make a bowl. We’ll lose to OU, OSU, TCU, Baylor; we’ll beat KU, WVU, and ISU. Ole Miss and Tech are toss-ups. After last night, 3-9 is possible.

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