Society’s Distortion of Gender Leads to Nonsense

I often write about sports elsewhere, but since this will not be about giving actual game analysis but instead will be about a social issue, I’ll post this here.

In our society, feminist ideas of alleged “gender equality” are becoming more and more common.  To be fair, not all of it is bad:  I agree that women in the workplace should be paid equally as men who do the same jobs at the same level of competence.  I also do not think, as some more conservatively minded folks do, that women should not have careers, though I do agree that the household and family should still have the priority.  For example, my sister is a tax consultant and she is as competent at her job as any dude is, so I have no problem with women working and getting good career opportunities.

However, this liberal/feminist agenda, when allowed to run amok without any sort of objective foundation, will run into absurdities.  People start to define equality of worth as equality in every single aspect, and they also start to blur gender lines altogether because they find the very idea of distinction to be inherently “unequal.”  When they do that, their train of bad logic runs to naive fantasies that we should obliterate all distinctions between male and female that will, eventually, lead to results they’re not going to like.

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The Next Step and How God Answers Prayers in Interesting Ways

With this being my last year in seminary, I knew I wanted to keep going to school to study philosophy.  I had two choices:  Continue on at a seminary or go to a university to focus on philosophical studies.  I did not feel quite ready to go to a Ph.D program at a university due to the fact that I’ve been out of that world for four years, so instead, I applied to the Ph.D program in philosophy here at Southwestern and also at the MA programs at the University of Dallas and the University of Houston, two schools who A) Even had an MA program and B) Had good ones, at least according to some research I did.  I almost applied to Texas A&M but was too busy to meet the deadline… and it’s not like I wanted to go there anyway 😉 (Calm down, I know A&M is a good school).  As I prayed about it during the semester, I felt that God was convicting me to stay around the area and devote at least another year at the college ministry at Arlington Chinese Church.

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Charts to Guide Christian Dating

I recently wrote about how believers should not even consider dating nonbelievers.  However, I realized that I did not give much guidance on what to look for in a potential partner.  What should guys look for when they pursue a girl?  What should girls look for when a guy asks them out?  Well, because I am ever so helpful, I have drawn out a couple of simple charts that can help in the decision-making process:

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The Moral Challenge in a Democratic Society: Gay Marriage as a Case Study

[This post will not be so much about whether or not gay marriage should be permitted but on the tension found within Western (particularly American) ideas of democracy itself.]

The Supreme Court is currently hearing cases involving gay marriage and the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, and it’s my expectation, as it seems to be the expectation of most legal experts in the media, that they will strike it down and may just leave the matter of marriage to the states (of course, one wonders what that means for Proposition 8 of California).  In any case, this development is no surprise; even as far back as the mid 2000’s, I thought we were going to reach this point.  The cultural tide has shifted.

A former youth teacher of mine is now a pastor and has written a couple of informative articles on how this change was no accident:  Proponents of homosexual marriage have utilized a purposeful strategy over a span of two decades and have been largely successful at portraying homosexuals as victims and portraying those who disagree with their lifestyle as backwater, hateful, and uneducated buffoons who should be thrust in the same category as the KKK.  You can find his two articles here and here.  He was a Congressional aide back when DOMA was signed by Clinton, and he states that at the time, it felt like an innocuous piece of legislation because hardly anyone thought that gay marriage would be such a big issue.  How times have changed.

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Review of Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm Campaign

Time to put on my nerd hat and review the expansion to Starcraft 2, Heart of the Swarm.  Or more specifically, the campaign, since I haven’t tried multiplayer yet.

Generally speaking, it was a lot of fun and the maps are well-made, as should be expected from Blizzard.  There is a level of creativity in some of the levels; for example, on one level there are flash freeze storms that freeze your enemies and allow you to attack them freely (your own units are adapted to the cold and can operate), and in another, you use the battlecruiser Hyperion to blow up space stations while upgrading it.  The maps are polished, the gameplay is fun, and some levels were challenging, though not terribly so (I played through on Brutal, by the way).

However, it was not as good as Wings of Liberty, and the storyline still irks me.  I’ll enumerate a few things:

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