More Adventures of 90’s K-pop

A while back, I randomly reminisced about a K-pop group, UP, who was immensely popular in the summer of 1997 when I visited Korea.  It is… well, kinda stupid music, but it’s harmless and hilarious and sounds like Sesame Street.  I decided I would like those songs because of their happy-sounding ridiculousness and the fact that it reminded me of my childhood.  It’s even more funny that somebody I know used to be in the group and is now masquerading as a 22 year old even though she’s around 30:

Yep, same person.  Also, I got a couple of other people to translate the song, where we found out what we already knew:  It is a very cheesy song.

In any case, even though I spent two whole months in Korea that summer, I do not remember any other artist besides them.  However, I have been recently introduced to a few more gems from that time period, and we shall discuss their unique contribution to music.

Apparently, there was a very popular boy band called H.O.T. that was considered awesome from 1996-2001 (so they were popular when I was there in ’97, but I have no memory of them).  We can already laugh at a couple of things:

-I mean, come on, it spells out “hot.”  Like, really?  How corny is that?

-It’s even funnier when you realize that the name is an acronym for “High-Five of Teenagers.”  Not only is that awkward English, it implies that cool (or hot?) teenagers high five each other… or other people.  Or that their group symbolizes a collective high five to society.  Whatever it  means, it’s goofy.

Of course, one cannot fully appreciate them without listening to their music.  Behold, their famous song “Candy,” which is about as manly a title as one can come up with, for sure.

Um… wow.  I kid you not, when I first saw and heard this, I honestly thought it was from a little children’s show like Sesame Street or Barney.  That’s not me being sarcastic.  When I found out they were, in fact, a boy band, I realized that I’d have a hard time making fun of Justin Bieber anymore compared to this.  (On second thought… nahhhh.)

There’s a random white girl, there are baking mittens (?), there are ridiculous dance moves, and there is a cheesy tune.  And they were apparently very popular.  Yep… fads come and go, huh?

We all have embarrassing videos/pictures, I’m sure, but it’s probably nothing like this.  I wonder how they feel now looking back 15 years later.  I’d wear a paper bag over my head, but I guess they made lots of money, so they can at least throw that at everyone’s faces.

The next one is a guy named Kim Gun Ho.  Since his music video is sloppy and dull, I’ll post a video of one of his songs performed by other people (although he seems to be present; I think that’s him at 0:30.

Anyway, this song is funny because the beginning techno sounding stuff reminds me of Mortal Kombat’s movie theme song.  Unfortunately, the song gets rather less interesting after that, but the beginning dance moves are also a sight to behold.

I’m not sure what he is.  Rapper?  Pop star?  Whatever.  I don’t remember him either back in 1997; I guess I wasn’t paying attention, although this song came out a few years before, I believe.

Isn’t exploring others’ culture fun?  Except that all of this is just a Korean adaptation of crap they got from America.


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