Something New

I do not mind old things, which is why I still like to play Super Nintendo games, and it is also why I kept going with Xanga even though everyone left it.  After all, it provides space to write crap, which is all a blog is supposed to do.  However, when going back through my archives, I noticed that it was a bit difficult to keep tabs of what I was writing (not always a bad thing, since some of it was stupid) because there was such a wide variety of content.  Most of it was about sports, but I also wrote about theology, Veggie Tales, songs, movies, video games, etc.  Also, often on a whim, I’d write random stuff on Facebook notes.  At the end of the day, it was too many things to keep track of.

Thus, I have decided to create a new blog for non-sports related thoughts.  Eunice tells me wordpress is more serious than tumblr, but I do not care; I will write whatever I wish, and haters gon hate.  Xanga will still survive as my sports outlet, but any further commentary on Bruno Mars songs, superheroes, or Power Rangers (among others) will be found here ;).

So, uh, yay.  WordPress.  I guess it’s new and cool.


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