A Random Wonder Woman Pilot

I was up doing laundry, and while I was folding my clothes I was looking for something to watch.  After scrolling through some things, I saw a link for “Wonder Woman Pilot.”  Eh?  A TV series?  I had a bad feeling it would be stupid, but since I do like watching superhero stuff, even though they are often maddeningly ridiculous, I clicked on it.  After watching it, I just have to say that Hollywood continues to do dumb things.  My goodness.

Not all of it was bad.  The lead girl, Adrianna Palicki (of Friday Night Lights fame, apparently, although I have never seen that show), pulls off the Wonder Woman costume as well as one could hope given how silly the thing will naturally look in live action.  A character like Wonder Woman is incredibly difficult to pull off because she has to look both feminine and intimidatingly athletic at the same time, and Palicki gets within the ballpark.  Her acting wasn’t that great but she gave Wonder Woman a bit of a mean edge, which was interesting.  In addition… actually, she might have been the only good thing about it.  Everything else was absurd. Continue reading


Christians and Video Games

In the popular PC game Starcraft 2, there are these things called “achievements,” which are basically little accomplishments that you can attain as you play through the game in order to get points… points you use to buy new portraits which can serve as your online avatar.  It’s a lame reward, I know, but getting some achievements can nonetheless be fun.  However, there are some achievements that just boggle my mind:  One achievement category is “Win 1,000 league games as X race.”  Since Starcraft has three races plus a “random” option, to get all of these achievements, you’d have to win (not just play) an astonishing 4,000 games online.  Four thousand!  To make matters worse, there are similar achievements reserved for team play, and since it is unrealistic for a player to expect to win every game, you’re talking about someone who has to play over ten thousand games to have a realistic shot to get all of these achievements.  Wow.

As much as I like Starcraft 2 (still like Starcraft 1 better), it is hard for me to imagine playing that many games, doubly so since I never play league games and only play by myself or with my friends.  If you do the math, even if you play three games per day and win every one of them, which is unlikely, it’d take you the better part of four years to get all the 1 v 1 achievements.  I sincerely hope nobody has achieved any of these yet because SC2 is not even a year old, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone has or has at least gotten close.  There is something that is strangely addicting about certain video games, and Starcraft is one of them for many people (particularly Koreans).  I have heard stories of people playing Starcraft 1 back in its heyday between 8-12 hours per day, and it’s probably the same for games like World of Warcraft, DoTA, League of Legends, etc.  I have never owned WoW but I’ve tried it, and time can really fly away when you play that game.

Video games were first thought to concern only nerds, but they have slowly become mainstream in society, such that now even female gamers over 18 are increasing dramatically.  For many Asians, it is both a cool sign and a troublesome one:  Asian young people, for a variety of reasons, are stereotypically thought to love video games, but Asian parents are in turn stereotypically anti-video gaming because they think it is a useless distraction away from studying and piano practice.  Many Christians share the same concerns as the latter, especially since people have shown the propensity to get addicted to some games to the point of ridiculousness.  We’re talking about people committing suicide over Everquest or neglecting their infant child while playing WoW.  Thus, for some Christians, and Asian ones in particular, there is a certain amount of suspicion directed at video gaming, and it doesn’t help that some of them feature rather, uh, interesting gameplay such as Grand Theft Auto or Assassin’s Creed (I’m not going lie, these two games can be hilarious). Continue reading

Something New

I do not mind old things, which is why I still like to play Super Nintendo games, and it is also why I kept going with Xanga even though everyone left it.  After all, it provides space to write crap, which is all a blog is supposed to do.  However, when going back through my archives, I noticed that it was a bit difficult to keep tabs of what I was writing (not always a bad thing, since some of it was stupid) because there was such a wide variety of content.  Most of it was about sports, but I also wrote about theology, Veggie Tales, songs, movies, video games, etc.  Also, often on a whim, I’d write random stuff on Facebook notes.  At the end of the day, it was too many things to keep track of.

Thus, I have decided to create a new blog for non-sports related thoughts.  Eunice tells me wordpress is more serious than tumblr, but I do not care; I will write whatever I wish, and haters gon hate.  Xanga will still survive as my sports outlet, but any further commentary on Bruno Mars songs, superheroes, or Power Rangers (among others) will be found here ;).

So, uh, yay.  WordPress.  I guess it’s new and cool.